A being who claims to be Antiala, protector of Zirantia and its citizens. Although her cult is relative modern, there are similarities between the statues that represent her and others from the remote past. It remains unclear the what is the explanation for this, but it's unlikely to be a coincidence.

In her brief appearance, she seems to be very protective of her people, but not much is learned about her.

Story Edit

None of the party has met her in person so far, but Wynn was able to detect her presence in Zirantia from the border between Zirantia and Ardoheim, when she manifested herself to confront the Fucklord during his attack of opportunity just after the official end of the Third Arclent War. The necromancer was able to get a magical signature from her, but she was utterly frustrated when Simon told her that it was vastly different from the meeting with The Mother.

It's unclear why both she and the Fucklord were so careful on using their power, at least in the Fucklord's case it can't be because he was worried about collateral damage, but in a posterior conversation with his slave, he manifests his frustration with the goddesses, so Antiala may be able to keep her own against major shard bearers.

References Edit

  1. It seems plausible that she is immortal, but there are no evidences about it in one sense or the other.
  2. It remains to be seen if she is the goddess of just the race, the territory or both. Also, her relation with the members of the race in other countries, like Philon for instance.