She is the leader of the NUP (New Unionist Party[1]), a small political party surprisingly progressive for Zirantian standards. She seems to be a rational and an intelligent woman, trying to improve life for her peers.

Story Edit

She first meets Simon (disguised as Dargai) during the welcome feast. Although she pretends that she is only interested in having good relations with other countries, Yarra is savvy enough to detect her deceptiveness (and her sexual appeal, of course). Further meetings reinforce the idea that her Party is the best bet to accomplish the group's goals. Of course she has her own goals, but she can't hope to beat a consummate political manipulator like the Doom King's emissary.

Her political standing is tenuous, at best. Not only because her positions regarding female's rights are viewed by many as radical and dangerous, but because the rampant male chauvinism hinders her political position.

References Edit

  1. Wynn describes them as: "[...] a smaller reform movement, but still not insignificant".

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