• Sotter

    (The Last Day)

    Esthera: Within a few months, all my hidden agents should be aware that you're an ally now.

    Esthera: ..and I believe that's all.

    Simon: Yes, I can't think of any other matters to discuss.

    Esthera: There is one thing. Take this bolt of cloth.

    (Received Shadowweave Cloth.)

    Esthera: It's an extremely valuable magical cloth. Your mages should be familiar with it.

    Esthera: I wanted to give you some new clothes, but I realized it might be better if you didn't have anything that could be traced to me.

    Esthera: This cloth can either resonate with your power or cloak it, depending on the circumstances. I'm sure you'll put it to work.

    Simon: That does sound useful. Thank you.

    Esthera: ...

    Simon: ...

    Esthera: To be honest, I probably should have l…

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  • Fluid-decanter

    Announcing the Altina rescue challenge

    Do you remember early in chapter 1 when Riala meets with Simon? Simon asks if it would be possible to rescue Altina; Riala rhetorically asks if Simon thinks he's strong enough. Well, this is your opportunity to put that to the test.

    This modded game version allows you to attempt to rescue Altina - at the point when you would normally leave for the merchant camp. It offers a challenge, but one that can be surmounted fairly reliably with a solid strategy. It also reworks some of the game's dialogue, just for fun.

    You can download it here here (this link will continue to work if there are updates). It is standalone, except for requiring the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, which you may already have if you've been usin…

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