It's very simple: Simon was a mediocre soldier who got people around him killed. Better men than him.
— Commander Geoff

Commander Geoff is an officer in the armed forces of Ardoheim. He is one of Simon's old acquaintances from the war, but unlike all others seen so far, he harbors an intense dislike for Simon. The reason for this is unknown, but apparently it's related to some of the decisions that Simon had to make during the war, when Geoff was his superior.

Story Edit

The party first encounters Geoff in Chapter 2, when they try to cross into the Incubus King's domain in order to stop the hastily sent orc horde. Commander Geoff is in charge of the Watchtowers, a line of fortifications guarding the border between Ardoheim and the Incubus King's wastelands. Sadly, the powers that be have unilaterally decided that the Incubus King is no longer a menace (ha!), so he must do the best that he can with only a skeleton crew.

Personally, Geoff seems to be a bit of an asshole - he is unpleasantly surprised by Simon's appearance and mocks him, insulting what he sees as Simon's cowardice, both in martial and sexual matters. Despite his faults, Geoff seems to be a competent leader, as he accepts the warnings about the Horde when others ignore it. Simon disregards his insults and describes him "a good man and a good soldier" to his puzzled companions.

He later appears during the Third Arclent War, having been given additional responsibilities. He doesn't seem to enjoy being put into such a position, but accepts it. He also is seen to be pragmatic about working with the Yhilini forces. Later, he is part of the group that confronts Simon about his disguise as Dargai.

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