Duplicates are replicas of the victims of Trin's unique magic. She creates the duplicates by converting someone's soul into a shell that she commands. The race of the target isn't an hindering factor, yet the target can't be too powerful and has to be in view.

The number of the copies that she can keep at the same time depends slightly of her relationship level with Simon. Specifically, she starts out with a maximum of 6 copies at the start of Aka's route, +1 if her relationship score is 30 or higher, and +1 more if her relationship is 50 or higher.

At certain points in the story she will be able to free up slots by releasing copies once they're no longer needed, allowing her to copy new people later on.

Jade ClerksEdit

During Aka's path, Janine asks Aka to sabotage House Jade, so the party uses Trin to made the Jade clerks into sleeper cells. The more Jade clerks duplicates there are, the less mercenaries (aka enemy forces) that House Jade can send against the Doom King's army during the invasion of Yhilin. With the exception of the Aramite Jade Clerk, all the clerks are dismissed after House Jade is finished off.

Conditions Benefits Removed
Banker Jade Clerk Talk to Megail for advice, go back to house Jade to identify him then he can be found in the Bank. Sabotage House Jade After the Jade Raid
Kingsmen Jade Clerk He can be found in the House Rose district, in the gentlemen club that sells paintings. Check the king's painting twice and you will have the opportunity to copy him Sabotage House Jade. +1 Yhilin Secret Stat. After the Jade Raid
Poor Jade Clerk He is near Big Man's hideout in Lower Town Sabotage House Jade. -1 Poverty Secret Stat. After the Jade Raid
Aramite Jade Clerk The Aramite one can be found in the Outskirts in the tents that you never use Sabotage House Jade. +1 Aram Secret Stat. ???
Scum Jade Clerk After seeing Andrew talking to a Zitrathian in House Jade, you have to talk with the Zirathian in the Palace's kitchen. Return to the House Jade and eavesdrop on the conversation. After that go to the lower town, and locate the alleyway. After a brief fight, copy him. Sabotage House Jade. +1 Yhilin Secret Stat. After the Jade Raid
Halfling Jade Clerk Talk to her at House Rose or copy her[1] Sabotage House Jade After the Jade Raid
Young Jade Clerks Go to the court and you find the three of them at the bar Sabotage House Jade After the Jade Raid

Optional DuplicatesEdit

Conditions Benefits Removed
Yhilini Bank Clerk Talk to the bank clerk after obtaining Trin The price of the investment is reduced from 50,000 ProN to 25,000 ProN Talk to the bank clerk after the elven kingdoms visit
Big Man During Aka's path, read the outskirt's message board and attack Big Man's base in the slum +3 Poverty Secret Stat. Reduces Chaos and Collateral Damage by 1 during the Doomed King's invasion. After the Battle for Yhilin
Janine's Uncle During Aka's path, talk to Janine after dealing with all the Yhilin factions Improves your position during airship landing site negotiations.  ???

Other Duplicates Edit

  • During the coup attempt, Trin and her conspirators copied members of the palace guard.
  • Reval was duplicated and eliminated during Megail's quest at Al-Yhilina.
  • Trin temporary duplicated Altina and herself during sex scenes.
  • Members of the Divine Claw will be duplicated during the Ordeal, while Wynn wipes their memory.
  • Yuanuon will be taken control of after his failed trap.

References Edit

  1. Not recommended since you can get her support just by talking to her, and copying her both takes up a duplicate slot and also has negative effects on Yhilin.

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