Fuari is a low level ranking member of the palatial staff in Zirantia. Her latest assignment is to attend all the necessities of the Doom King's envoy[1].


So far, very little is known about her past life, although it seems reasonable that more info will be shared in time. She meets the party at their arrival to the Zirantian Royal Palace. As it happened with Min, the relationship with Simon is indirect as is Yarra which helps her in her moment of need.

She moves without much issues to the tolerant atmosphere of the Queen Widow, but she seems to thrive in the Dargai's new Headquarters, where she acts as Chief of Staff.


Yarra x Fuani - Unmissable. During the Northern Team's stay at the zirantian palace.


  1. A very relevant move in the internal politic scene, as he is the most near thing that Zirantia has received since its actual inception after The Incubus King's invasion of Arclent.

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