Ginasta is an exceptional warrior gifted with awe-inspiring power, similar to that of the Chosen, as well as formidable will, courage and determination. She has dedicated her life to vanquishing "tyrants" - or more precisely, Incubus Kings - with surprising success for an apparent mortal.

Given her dedication and motivations, her character seems to be a homage/parody to the classic ones of a Paladin.

I am alone. But in the end, you will be defeated.

Story Edit

So far nothing is known of her life before the first encounter. She is brought by the Gathering as a prisoner of the Skullcrusher, who had captured her in the Renthnor Wilds. He considers her an oddity, since he has been unable to bend her to his will, and turns her into the centerpiece of a contest of sexual power between the Incubus Kings. The contest fails miserably - Ginasta uses it as a pulpit for her defiance, needling all participants with her words and hitting the pretend Lustlord right into his weakest spot:

That's what I thought. You were once the youngest at the Gathering, weren't you?

It is enough to make him leave in a huff and call off the event.

Ginasta's resistance deeply impresses Yarra's group, who decide that she is just what Simon needs and they have to help her escape, even though Orcent worries that her meeting Simon may not be on friendly terms:

"But even if we were able to extricate her, I am not so certain she would not condemn him as a tyrant as well.

Their plan hits a snag: Ginasta actually doesn't need their help. As the Skullcrusher tries to vent his embarrassment on her, she breaks out, revealing that her captivity was a ruse - she has used him to infiltrate the Gathering to see what she was against. She's decided that she is not powerful enough to take on the rest of them yet, but she can - and does - take out the tyrant in front of her. Yarra's group arrives on the scene just in time to witness the events and the timely demise of the Skullcrusher. Though they manage to get in a few words with Ginasta, they can't persuade her to stay and she flees the Gathering.

The next time she appears a continent away, on Arclent, during the Ardford summit. She manages to speak in front of the representatives, offering her help and warning them that the Incubus King is not the only one. In the process she also unwittingly reveals that his power can remain and be used after he's defeated. Simon catches up with her before she leaves the castle for a short conversation that seems to leave both with favorable impressions of each other.

During the aftermath of the Doom King's conquest of Yhilin, she storms the palace alone to challenge him. Upon discovering it was actually Simon, she still fights him despite acknowledging his stated intentions to do good, due to her beliefs on the mentality of the Shard holders. She underestimates Simon's companions, considering them to be merely slaves dominated by his will. After she loses the battle, she is imprisoned in the secret caves. After completing the reconstructions quests, Qum D'umpe, Yarra, and Janine may speak to her telling them how Simon isn't a tyrant by normal means, in an attempt to convert Ginasta or at the very least, get her to leave Simon alone.


Starting equipmentEdit


Relationship points Edit

Base value: -50.

  • +3 initial cell conversation with Simon.
  • +5 cell conversation with Qum if Qum's maxed and unwhored, OR +3 if Qum's maxed and whored, OR +2 otherwise.
  • +3 cell conversation with Yarra if Yarra's maxed, OR +1 otherwise.
  • +7 cell conversation with Janine if Janine RP's are maxed, OR +5 if they are higher than 80, OR +4 if they are higher than 60, OR +2 otherwise.
  • +5 second cell conversation with Simon.
  • +3 cell conversation with Lynine and Orilise.
  • +5 cell conversation with Aka if Aka's RP's are maxed OR +4 if they are higher than 90 OR +3 if they are over 75, OR +2 if they are over 60, OR +1 if they are over 50 OR 0 if anything below.
  • +4 cell conversation after Hilstara and Lynine sex scene if Hilstara's RP is over 75 OR +2 otherwise (sex scene is mandatory).
  • +2 cell conversation about religious doubt with Simon IF he had already a theology conversation with Goddess of Magic cult leader.

Maximum legit value: -13.

Affection titles Edit

Notes Edit

The party has a fight with her near the start of Chapter 3. It's a boss fight and you can find various strategies in the Bosses page.

Scenes Edit

References Edit

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