Implevon the Third is going to fit right in here...

Story Edit

A result of the orc breeding program developed by Balia and auspicied by Simon. So far, his impact on the story is limited. If he was created, he has a small role in the Aram Front during the Third Arclent War, working as a scout.

Personality Edit

Implevon the Third is easy-going, and unlike other orcs, and most characters, has a last name. However, he seems to have misunderstood how a last name works as he claims it to be "the Third."

Implevon is a certain kind of orc classified as an imp. They seem to have greater capacity for intelligent thought, but are physically smaller and have wings that allow them to fly.

References Edit

  1. Only obtainable by raising orc Intelligence to 10 (or above) in orc breeding.
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