You're not meant to know the effects of the investments, or to have a firm grasp of your financial future. I understand the desire for it, but that's what wikis and guides are for.
— Sierra Lee[1]


A brand new Ledger.

This is a compilation of all the Investments offered in the game, including some that are not doable in the current version. Investment options become available only after you arrive in Ari-Yhilina and foil the coup against the Widow Queen. Megail gives you the profits generated by the money you've given her in Stineford and a Ledger to keep track of your investments.

The vast majority of investments can only be made in ProN ("Promissory Notes"), with a single exception so far. Of course, in both cases you need to have the necessary amount of money at hand to make an investment, though in a few cases Megail will automatically reserve money for plot-mandatory investments. The prices of some investments are variable and may be influenced by a number of factors, including current party members, investments already made and actions of the party before the investment.

In addition to monetary profits and other effects, most investments also affect your relationship with your companions. Speaking with them will give you some hints.

The initial amount of ProN available to make investments after your arrival in Ari-Yhilina depends of the amount of ProN you've given Megail in Stineford. The minimum is 50,000 and the maximum value is 120,000 ProN.[2]

For the investments available during Megail's path, the amount depends of which investment you already have done. In any case, Sierra has stated that you can make similar investments (for instance contracting two mercenary companies) to get better results, but it will be with diminishing returns.

In Yhilin

As in Ari-Yhilina there are various stages where you can do various investments, this section is split in various stages.

Chapter 1Edit

Most of the investments

Price Help Early advantages[3] LTP[4] Relationship points
Merchant quarter
50,000 Trin (Duplicate) (25,000) 5000 ProN at the start of Chapter 2;
another 5000[5] ProN during Megail's path.
200,000 ProN plus a 50,000 discount in the Bank core lenders investment. Trin, Megail
Merchant quarter
Premium Steel[6]
Megail (20,000) 10% discount on equipment plus the possibility of customized equipment. Counts as Manufacturer[7] 100,000 ProN; Hilstara's custom helm available during Reunion Aka, Hilstara
Miners' Junction
Mine Processing
50,000 Megail (25,000) 10,000 ProN during Megail's path. Counts as Processor[8] 200,000 ProN Megail
Bridge Repair[10]
10,000 No Reduces the cost of future investments. Janine, Carina
Yhilini Public Works
5000 No Increases the happiness of the people. Janine
Anti-corruption campaign
10,000 No May[11] affect the amount of ProN received from Bank investment during Megail's Path. Janine, Sarai
Shrine renovation
10,000 No Carina, Sarai
Iron Cudgel[12]
10,000 No Saves Carina's soldiers. -30,000 ProN upkeep Hilstara, Yarra
Dusty Horde[12]
15,000 No Saves Carina's soldiers. -45,000 ProN upkeep Hilstara,


25,000 No Saves Carina's soldiers. -75,000 ProN upkeep Hilstara, Yarra
Flower speculation[13]
10,000 No 2500 Sx and 2500 ProN. Nothing, shows up on Ledger as a 0.
Miners' Juction
Cache excavation
10,000 No A few items & equipment for succubi and an absorbable piece of corruption for Simon[14] 25,000 ProN Yarra, Qum
Gift to Megail[15]
25,000 No Contracts a supplier[16]. 25,000 ProN refunded[17]. Megail
Talk to Megail[18]
Yhilini Arms Dealer
No 200,000 or 150,000 ProN[19] in Megail's path; not all of it is usable[20]. 700,000 ProN

Megail's PathEdit

They are also available after Simon's return.

Price Help LTP[4]
Merchant quarter[21]
Ardoheim Magic Trade
25,000 Bridge Repair (15,000) 125,000 ProN[22] or 50,000 ProN otherwise.

Affect the war in Ardoheim.

Yhilini supplier.
10,000 Bridge Repair (5000) 10,000 ProN returned during Reunion.

After the ReunionEdit

After the business meeting with Megail you finally get a resume of your investments. In addition to those listed here, you will get 300,000 ProN (or 200,000 if you took money from Megail in Chapter 1), plus any reward from the mine quest in Aka's route.


Just posted as a reference.

Price Help Early advantages LTP[23] Relationship points
Bridge Repair
5000 No Reduces the cost of future investments. Janine, Carina
Yhilini Public Works
5000 No Increases the happiness of the people. Janine
Yhilini Public Works II[24]
25,000 No Further Yhilin influence. Janine
Merchant quarter
Bank (core lenders)
500,000 Reduced to 450,000 if you have already invested in it.[25] Megail
Merchant quarter
Premium Steel Owner
  • Reduced to 75,000 if you are already a partner.
  • Will be still available after Ardford, on all Yhilin further visits
10% discount on equipment plus the possibility of customized equipment. Aka, Hilstara
Merchant quarter[26]
Ardoheim Magic Trade
25,000 Bridge Repair (15,000)
Yhilini supplier
20,000 Bridge Repair (15000)

In Stineford

Location Name Price Profits Relationship points
Noble district Bank (core lenders) 400,000[27]
Merchant district Magic Shop 10,000 20% reduction on price. By Reunion chapter: 50,000 ProN[28] or 25,000 ProN otherwise. Megail

In Aram

Some of the prices in this section are variable and depend on the choices that you made regarding investments in Ari-Yhilina.

Name Location Price LTP[4]
Aramite Supplier Right to the bounty hunter headquarters 20,000 15,000 ProN at Reunion.
Desert Bounty Office[29] Bounty Hunter headquarters 20,000 (Sx) 5000 ProN at Reunion.
Eustrin Supplier In Eustrin 40,000 20,000 ProN at Reunion.
Eustrin Processor In Eustrin 50,000 100,000 ProN at Reunion.
Eustrin Manufacturer In Eustrin's Customs[30] 25,000 100,000 ProN at Reunion.
Eustrin Embassy Outside Eustrin, in a shrine with golden statues. 100,000 Better options at the Ardford summit.

In Ardford

Name Location Price LTP[23][31] Relationship points
Crystal Refiner Merchant Guild 300,000 (250,000 if Robin has a Potions License) It reduces the costs of Robin's Arcane crystal (from 6000 to just 1000 Sx). None.
Ardford Supplier Merchant Guild 50,000 Affect the war in Ardoheim. None.
Ardford Restaurant Business district 25,000 Unknown. None.
Sanitation Mages Guild Business district 100,000 Unknown. None.
Mercenary Flotilla Business district 250,000 Affect the war in Ardoheim. None.
Ardan Bank Business district Varies with what you've done for Ardoheim:[32] from 1,000,000 (initial request) to 300,000 An immediate small advantage: better rates exchanging ProN for Sx. None.
Ivalan Bank Church district 450,000 Unknown. Carina
Deeds of Vinario Embassies 5,000,000 - 100,000[33] Unknown, you have title to a kingdom on paper. Hilstara (only in negative), Megail, Trin, Yarra, Nalili

Other uses for ProN Edit

You can spend your ProN in other avenues that are not investments, strictly speaking: they don't appear as such in the Ledger[34].

City Location
Cost Consequences Relationship points
Ari-Yhilina Miners' Junction
Cache excavation
10,000 You purchase all the gear for ProN instead of investing, and Simon absorbs the chest stats offscreen. Yarra, Qum
Ari-Yhilina Outskirts
Iron Cudgel[35]
5000 Upkeep uncertain, sent to guard Merchant's pass, raises army by +1/+1 now. None.
Ari-Yhilina Outskirts
Dusty Horde[35]
15,000 10,000[36] Upkeep uncertain, raises army by +0/+5 now. None.
Ari-Yhilina Outskirts
10,000[37] No upkeep, (you're not the employer and they do not affect army scores), but can be made to work for House Rose or House Adamant. None.
Ardford General Headquaters
Silent Knights Order
10,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 depending of your choice. Gives access to empty lot quest and battles no matter the amount of donation. Differing amounts strengthen order by up to 100 points + whatever you get in the quest area. May be more useful later.

Affect the war in Ardoheim.

Ardford Merchant Guild
Merchant Guild Membership
100,000[38] You get the title and privileges of Official merchant. Fine wine selection AND extra investigation clues/Dari RP. Massive hidden score gains. Megail


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