Iris is the Incubus King's long-suffering secretary. She seems to handle much of the running of his empire, as well as reining in the worst of his excesses. Despite serving as an administrator, she is a capable mage and can be very dangerous when she is acting strategically - twice so far she had sprung unpleasant surprises to Simon and his allies.

Given her role and her implicit desire for a more rational master, it'd be a surprise if she didn't join, but we will have to wait and see, because she seems like a loyal person (or maybe a very clever one).

Story Edit

Iris is first shown, without being named, during one of the cutscenes after the prologue, informing the Incubus King that he has run out of elf sluts and trying (and failing) to guide his mind away from his weird fetishes and towards more productive actions, such as conquering the world.

Her next appearance is again in a cutscene, during Chapter 2, when she reminds her boss that he doesn't rule Ardoheim yet. Much to her dismay, this prompts him to order a hasty invasion, a decision that will have great consequences to Simon and those around him.

Iris' actions in the invasion itself is off-screen, but with great impact: she drops (or orders dropped) a pair of seeds of corruption to soften up the enemy's resistance. The first one lands near the camp of Sister Carina's soldiers, and, after Carina's semi-successful attempt at purifying it, she becomes infected with its corruption, which results in her having sex with Simon and later, joining his group. The second seed is dropped after the Horde is successfully repulsed, but its cunning positioning forces Simon to use his Incubus King's powers, attracting the attention of other shardholders. This in turn results in Simon being taken hostage by the Empress of the Orgasmic Empire and the temporary split of the party (and the plot) into three in his absence.

During the gathering, Yarra's group has the opportunity to interact with Iris, who unsurprisingly has come with the Incubus King. The first conversation is the most interesting, as Iris shares her frustrations with her boss. She explains that she is loyal not personally to him, but to her people - the succubi under his rule.[4] Yarra tries to insinuate the possibility of a possible successful rebellion, but it seems that Iris doesn't believe in fairy tales anymore... About other masters being better, she acknowledges their existence but she is set firmly in the hard reality. Also, you hear some alarming news about Riala.

In Chapter 3, Iris again appears in a cutscene in the Incubus King's throne room, this time reporting about the Doom(ed) King's successful conquest of Yhilin. Simon finds out the consequences of that conversation a few days later...

After the war started, she has some appareances as we see glimpses of what is happening in the enemy's headquarters. She seems to be on top of the things, but she also shows a healthy respect for her opponents as she acknowledges that she can't be ready for all the surprises that the enemy is planning. Seriously undervalued by her boss, she keeps her loyalty until the moment that the Incubus Superking announces his new secret weapon: the Unsuccubi. At that point, he crosses a red line.

So when the chance to jump ships arrives at her door (literally!), she doesn't hesitate much.

Relationship points Edit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

Base value: unestablished.

  • Up to +5 when infiltrating the Tower of Mist, from stealth and not looting storerooms. With the best result, the elite succubus will say "You were actually amazingly sneaky, getting in here! I mean, a fight and an alarm, but I can take care of those!"

Maximum legit value: 5?

Affection titles Edit

(not revealed)

Scenes Edit

(none yet)


  1. As it happens with the rest of her race, the second number between parenthesis in the Age field indicates the human age equivalent.
  2. Fortunately, she doesn't recognize Yarra.
  3. She seems to be the only thing standing between the The Incubus King territories and absolute chaos.
  4. She acknowledges that: We may have been a conquering army, but the succubi have suffered from the Incubus King's poor leadership as much as anyone.

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