You need Robin to get this knowledge.

Forms of magicEdit

There are 3 clearly separate forms of magical power: Arcane, Divine and Sexual.

  • Arcane magic is studied at the Academy. It has a lot of disciplines: Potions, Alchemy, Invocation, Enchantment are only some of the subjects that can be learned there.
  • Divine magic is practiced by the Church. It seems to require religious practices, rituals and a strong faith in Ivala.
  • Sexual magic is practiced by Succubi. But there are some Succubi that can learn Arcane magic, if Riala is any kind of example.

These forms do not always remain distinct in the case of "superreal phenomena":

As power becomes more and more concentrated, it starts to break some normal rules of magic. For example, though sexual and arcane magic are usually very distinct, in high enough concentrations the differences become blurred. Anything that creates this phenomenon starts to have an impact on reality. And in theory, it might cause distortions like these.
— Robin, on magical rifts in Ardford
  • During the course of the game we will discover that King Alonon can use an unknown form of magic surely based on the power of Will.

Types of magicEdit

  • Invocation is magic brought into the world for destruction purposes.
  • Enchantment is binding power to an object regardless of the source.
  • Embodied magic is the study of how magical auras are generated by physical creatures and the subsequent interactions.

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