An accomplished bounty hunter and assassin. Very little is known about him and he has an impressive list of lies for anyone who tries to interrogate him about himself and his past. So far he has been seen only in Aram (and beneath it), but the exact nature of his relationship to the place is unclear.

Story Edit

Background unknown. Anyone who asks gets a pack of lies in response.

Mestan was first encountered waiting for an opportunity to assassinate the Ivalan priestess assigned to Eustrin, but he was thwarted by Simon and company. He immediately abandoned his goal and began turning up where Simon was operating, sometimes offering to kill someone or abandon a job he's taken. He claims this is because Simon, and certain members of his group such as Aka, are some of the few things in life to interest him for a long time.

Relationship points Edit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the NPC that will lock her/his affection there.

Base value: 20.

  • +5 meeting Mestan at the Bounty Hunter Office (do the dead drop bounty).
  • +5 winning duel between Simon and Mestan, OR -5 losing.
  • +5 choosing "Fight him alone".
  • +5 if after clearing Southern Tunnels dwarf's evaluation is "Seems like you pretty much scoured the place[...]".
  • +5 asking Mestan to kill an Aramite Captain during the war.
  • +5 conversation in your room in Courtly Chambers during Ardan succession section.
  • +5 conversation at Givini Teahouse.

Maximum legit value: 55

Special notes Edit

  • First male in the game that has a RP system.

References Edit

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