Defeat Human King. Save world.
— Ralke


One of the more mentally developed orcs found along Simon's journey, Ralke could be considered the oddest one out of the bunch. He is apparently on a quest to save the world from the human king. Which human king? The human one. (He doesn't specify, even when confronted with the fact that there are multiple.) To accomplish this quest he has gathered a party of orcs and has been fighting many rats. Despite being recruited by Simon, Ralke still believes himself to be on his quest, perhaps learning how to be a better hero.[2] This is to the extent that others don't know if he is focused or merely repeating himself, though it might be the former and he is just limited by his orc biological restrictions much like Orcent is befrore his transformation.

How Ralke got this way is some what of a mystery, but Balia says that orcs can become contaminated in their breeding process by outside magic. She suggests that Ralke may have turned out this way due to humans trying to act all heroic on the continent (like Ralph, the slightly annoying hero that travels around Arclent doing Important ThingsTM). This, however is just a cheap imitation.[3] He really annoys the Impaler, for some odd reason...


  1. If the Orc extermination motion was passed.
  2. Initial recruitment conversation in some Yhilini cavern.
  3. Conversation with Balia near start of Orc Development quest.

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