Fuck Cumdump! And talk to Cumdump! And be friends with Cumdump! But definitely fuck Cumdump!
Qum D'umpe, on having a good relationship

Many characters have a relationship level that represents how they feel about Simon. Unlike most harem games, there are no gifts or other ways to gain repeatable points with any characters. Relationships improve only by making choices during the story, finishing a quest or section to a certain standard, or taking a character's advice on resource use (ie the Investments). Characters usually make their opinions clear before decisions, but bonuses are given invisibly.

A relevant point to consider is that, even if the character is not on your harem yet, your investments or choices already change her relationship with you[1].

We've divided each character's points onto their individual pages so you can max them, but this page will gather some information about the mechanics in general:

  • When characters reach 100, you can have a conversation with them that guarantees their loyalty and their relationship value will no longer lower.
  • Repeatable sex scenes are unlocked at different relationship levels. Most characters unlock a new scene at 50, 75, and 100 (but not all).
  • Character titles change with relationship points. Most characters have 4-5 titles.
  • Non-harem characters with relationship points are presumed to be future harem members, but this is speculation (although very likely).
  • Sierra has stated that it will be possible to max all characters, but it's not guaranteed. Based on the points so far, it seems very likely that some characters will be more difficult to max than others.

The exact scale isn't clear, but it seems that the range isn't between hatred to love. Most likely a 0 would mean an extremely reluctant ally, as even the lowest starting value[2] doesn't represent hatred or an enemy. There is a case (Ginasta) that starts at -50, that it can be defined as hatred, if not to Simon as a person but at least as an Incubus King. Characters above 25 seem to be loyal with a few reservations, while very loyal characters like Qum start out at 50 or higher. The highest starting relationship level seen so far is Robin, with 80[3]. A relationship level of 100 represents complete acceptance and loyalty, and thus is marked by accepting Simon's decisions even if they disagree.

It's worth mentioning that this system doesn't seem to represent love or affection, exactly, but more how much the character trusts Simon and how well their goals align. Qum, for example, is fanatically in love with Simon from the beginning, while Megail doesn't turn all mushy even at higher levels. By contrast, Robin has a platonic father-daughter relationship with Simon but starts with the highest value. Given the game's character and political bent, this dynamic is unsurprising.

For compiled information about affection, see Decanter's affection guide.

Relationship EventsEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Various locationsEdit

Location Decision Options Relationships Affected Net Relationship Points
Feroholm Persuade Simon as Yarra N/A +2 Yarra, +1/+2
Trail to Merchant Camp Clear all enemies (except slimes) and the logs on the road. N/A

+1 Yarra,

+1 Qum,

+1 Aka

Merchant Camp Help them in the Meeting Hall. Help them (+)
Help first (++)

+5/+10 Yarra,

+5/+10 Qum,

+5/+10 Aka

From zero[4] to+20[5].
Brothel in Stineford's Slums Request services from this establishment[6]. Use them (+)
Don't use (-)

Up to +23 for Yarra, down to -22[7] for Aka and -1 for Robin, if she already has joint the party.

+1, or 0[8].
Ordering Qum to work here[9]. Refuse (+)
Accept (-)
+5/-10[10] Qum From +5 to -10.
Stineford Create a Custom Knife for Aka. Accept (+) +10 Aka +10.
Talk to Yarra's admirer[11] in Succubi's Tower. Talk (+) +10 Yarra, +5 Qum +15.
Exchange ProN into Sx in the Bank. Change (+) +1 Aka for each 2500 or +5 for 10000[12] +7[13].
Exceed the minimum of ProN required by Megail. Get as much money as possible (+)[14] +3 Megail or +10 for exceeding at least 10000 ProN. +10.
Have a foursome[15]. Sleep in the Inn (+)[16] +5 Aka, +5 Yarra, +5/|+2[17] Qum From 0 to +15/+12[17].
Completing Robin's formation Get the Potions license[18] +2 Robin +2.
Devil's Pass Harem politics. As Yarra, talk with the other characters (+) +1 Yarra for talking twice to Simon. Up to +5 Hilstara for Yarra's meddling[19]. +6.

In Ari-YhilinaEdit

Decision Options Relationships Affected Net Relationship Points
Investigate exhaustively the turbulence in Ari-Yhilina Complete Every step listed in the Quests page (+). +5 Janine +5
Rest time. Bathing with her after Yhilin coup sequence. (+) +5 Hilstara +5.
Trusted confidant. Talking to Yarra immediately after the Yhilin coup sequence[20] (+) +5 Yarra +5.
Megail's Gift. Accept mystery investment after her rescue (+) +5 Megail +5.
Rented steel. Hiring at least one mercenary company (+) +5 Yarra, +5 Hilstara +10.
Quality gear. Invest in the Premium Steel store (+) +5 Aka, +5 Hilstara +10.
Expanding your power. Invest in the Cache Excavation (+) +5 Yarra, +5 Qum +10.
Liquid assets. Having Megail convert ProN to Sx (+) +5 Yarra+5 Aka, +5 Hilstara +15.
Gaining economic power (I). Investing in bank (+) +5 Megail +5.
Gaining economic power (II). Investing in the mine (+) +5 Megail +5.
Helping the church. Funding shrine renovation (+) +20 Carina, -5 Sarai +15.

Chapter 2Edit

Location Decision Options Relationships Affected Net Relationship Points
Ari-Yhilina Fortifying ties It's automatically added at the start of the chapter (+)

Make Trin's contract research (++)

+5 Aka, +5 Yarra, +5 Qum, +5 Megail +5/+15 Trin

+1/+2 Robin

+26 to +37.
Feroholm region Recruiting Stark Visit the shrine.[21] +3 Yarra, +3 Qum +6.
Withered Mountains Dealing with Altina Fuck her immediately/
+5/0 Yarra
0/+5 Aka
+5-1[17]/0 Qum
0/+5 Megail
0/+5 Hilstara
+5/0 Trin
+2/+5 Lynine
-5/+3 Orilise
+2/+5 Uyae
From +4[17] to +25.
Taking Lust potions Taking them/
Leave them
+3/0 Yarra,0-2[17]/+3 Qum From +1[17] to +3.
Recruiting forces Interact with some people/
with everyone
+3/+5 Yarra, +3/+5 Qum From 0 (if you don't visit this location) to +10.
Delgar Forest The rape of Varia Allow her rape/
Avoid her rape
+8/-2 Trin
+20[22]-5[23]/0 (Both versions) Varia
From -2 to +28.
The domination of Varia Reshaping her/
Dominate her
+5/-2 Megail
+1/-1 Vhala
+7/0 Uyae
From -3 to +13.
Varia's destiny (Raped) Reshaping her/
Dominate her
-2/+2 Yarra
+5/+8 Aka
-2-7[17]/-5-13[17] Qum
+4[24]/-2[25]-+3[26] Altina
-2/+2 Hilstara
From -3[17] to +12.
Varia's destiny (No raped) Reshaping her/
Dominate her
+2/+8 Yarra
-2/+5 Aka
+8+2[17]/+2-1[17] Qum
+10[25]+2[26]/+4[25]+1[26] Altina
+3/+5 Hilstara
From +19[17] to +21.
Feroholm's outskirts Dealing with the Impaler Spare the Impaler
Kill the Impaler
+5/0 Yarra
0/+5 Aka
+5/0 Qum
0/+5 Hilstara
+5/0 Trin
From +10 to +15.
Simon's camp/Dark Ruins Comforting Altina Talk twice to saner Altina +25 Altina +25.
Dark Ruins Varia's fantasy[27] Talk with Varia after taking control of the fortress +3 Varia +3.
Strange Village Victor's orgy. Do well enough in the battle against the Horde +5 Yarra
+5 Aka
+5 Hilstara
+5 Trin
+5 Varia (both versions)

References Edit

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  4. If you don't help any of them: What kind of insane player are you?.
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  6. There is a prostitute that can be found in the Merchant area.
  7. The only way to unlock the next decision and not lose RPs with Aka, as it's harder to increase her RPs than Yarra's, is to contract the Bunny-ears one after discovering the Succubi Tower.
  8. If you choose to make this decision after recruit Robin.
  9. To unlock this decision, you have to use the services of one of the girls at least.
  10. You get 5000 ProN from this transaction.
  11. You will find her in the bedroom's floor.
  12. If you do it in one operation.
  13. If you reach the maximum amount of ProN possible.
  14. It's the other side to Converting ProN to Sx.
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