Riala Boss Prologue

Riala confronts the Chosen, Simon and Altina in the Withered Mountain fortress

A very powerful succubus[2], she has not only a body that can kill, but is also a highly skilled mage and strategist... and wants Simon in her bed. Her age is something of an unusual status among succubi.

Story Edit

Very little is known about her origins but her unusually advanced age and her extraordinary knowledge in both theoretical and practical magic confirm that her formative years preclude the apparition of the actual Incubus King in Arclent. What is known however is that she is the catalyst that started the events that will change Arclent forever.[3] She is the one who implanted the Soul Shard into Simon.

During the failed assault on the Withered Mountain Fortress she confesses that she has been after Simon both sexually and emotionally for some time. Riala's reasons for turning Simon into one of the soul shard bearers is because she wants him to overthrow The Incubus King. As she considers The Incubus King to be a complete idiot with too much power for anyone's good and is fed up with the bizarre tasks she's constantly given, such as finding a giant chess set made of fecal matter.

She shows a fondness for Robin whose innate talents remind Riala of herself when she was younger and as such offers her a tutorship when and if time and circumstances will permit it.

Sadly, Simon's actions in nullifying the power of the second crystal sent by Iris has not only split the party in various groups and planted Simon in the greedy hands of The Empress, but also has alerted the jealous and suspicious side of The Incubus King and he has forced her to come to his side and receive punishment. During the Gathering, Yarra has the chance[4] to learn that she is now serving him meekly after her punishment.

During the war, Riala reveals that she hid a portion of herself as deep as she could into her subconscious to be protected from The Incubus Emperor, that which remained being subservient to him. Only the events of the Third Arclent War allow the group to confront and capture her. The shared intimacy with Simon restores her conscious mind, but the damage The Incubus King did has left her considerably weaker than before and she needs time to recover.

The end of chapter 3 reveals the source of her extended lifespan, something that could be called an anti-shard that has similar properties to the soul shard that she gave to Simon. She can use her sexual powers to drink from this shard and it has extended her lifespan, but it gives diminishing returns the more she has used it. It also subtly tries to compel her to absorb it, which she theorizes would grant her immortality similar to an Incubus King, but held back due to the power it would grant her not being enough to defeat The Incubus King, who would know had she absorbed it and investigate.

It's also revealed where she discovered the two shards, a place she calls "metaphysically complex" after attempting to bring Simon there, but only partially succeeding due to a lack of power.

Skills Edit

Due to her strength as a mage, she has the same magic spells as Altina and many sexual skills related to magic.

Special Edit

Special name Cost Description Level
Way to acquire
Fire 10 MP A burst of magical fire.
(Hits one enemy with Fire damage.)
Starting skill
Lightning 10 MP A burst of magical lightning.
(Hits one enemy with Lightning damage.)
Starting skill
Ice 10 MP A burst of magical ice.
(Hits one enemy with Ice damage.)
Starting skill
Heal 5 MP A cool wave of healing.
(Heals one ally, usable outside of battle.)
Starting skill
Fire storm 50 MP A storm of magical fire.
(Deals fire damage to all opponents.)
Starting skill
Lightning storm 50 MP A storm of magical lightning.
(Deals lightning damage to all opponents.)
Starting skill
Ice storm 50 MP A storm of magical ice.
(Deals ice damage to all opponents.)
Starting skill

Sex Edit

Special name Cost Description Level
Way to acquire
Aura Masturbation Riala smiles serenely, but it's because she can masturbate with her magic Starting skill
Mana Masturbation 10 SP Extremely advanced masturbatory technique that restores mana and clears status effects. Starting skill
Sexual Lance 20 SP, 25 MP Create a bolt of agonizing sexual tension.
(Deals lust damage that pierces defenses.)
Starting skill
Storm of Lust 25 SP, 50 MP A storm of ice and lust, with a chance to stun.
(Deals ice and lust damage to all opponents that can also potentially stun.)
Starting skill
Fires of Lust 30 SP, 50 MP A storm of fire and lust, dealing raw damage.
(Deals fire and lust damage to all opponents.)
Starting skill
Bolt of Lust 20 SP, 25 MP A piercing bolt of lightning and lust.
(Deals lightning and lust damage that pierces defenses.)
Starting skill
Sexual Torment 10 SP Create agonizing sexual tension.
(Causes moderate lust damage.)
Starting skill
Succubus Kiss 10 SP Kiss away some life.
(Causes light lust damage, heals for amount of damage caused.)
Starting skill

Starting equipment Edit

Weapon: Fetish Whip.

Off-hand: Crumbling Tome.

Headgear: Slave Collar.

Bodygear: Revealing Negligee[5].

Accessory: None.

Tactics Edit

Riala is an unholy combat fusion of Robin and Yarra, combining their strengths of single target and AoE spells, sustainability and disables to make a very strong party member. The versatility of her spells allows her to choose whether or not to mix arcane and sexual for optimal damage, as well as providing various status effects. Of course she also shares Robin and Yarra's weakness of being squishy in combat so you should have a dedicated healer on hand to keep her healthy.

Relationship points Edit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

Base value: 50

  • -1 choosing "Sabotage as much as possible" at Entrance Tunnels.
  • Up to +2 when infiltrating the Tower of Mist, from stealth and not looting storerooms. With the best result, the elite succubus will say "You were actually amazingly sneaky, getting in here! I mean, a fight and an alarm, but I can take care of those!"
  • -2 choosing "Begin sabotage campaign" at Tower of Mist in Gasm Falls.
  • +2 if you do well enough at Bloody Spire that later when meeting Aka, Orcent says "Most importantly, the orc hordes have agreed to serve the Doom King."
  • +2 conversation in War Headquarters just before assaulting Incubus Castle.
  • +3 if you encountered 10 succubi in Incubus Castle who left without fighting. (Requires very low IKD morale.)
  • Up to +5 from morale of the former Incubus King's Domain after winning the war, or down to -2.
  • +5 talking to black-haired succubus with marriage idea, in Conference Chamber during war aftermath. (Only available with low IKD morale.)
  • +2 sending economic aid to repair damage to the Chalice. (Only requested if you chose to sabotage it).
  • +3 sending economic aid to help the Chalice States feed surrounding regions temporarily, in Conference Chamber during war aftermath.
  • +3 using political capital to help the Chalice States deal with outsider merchants, in Conference Chamber during war aftermath.
  • +3 using political capital to make the Church of Ivala stop persecuting Ivalan succubi, in Conference Chamber during war aftermath, OR unmissable +2 if negligible persecution occurs due to sufficient religion influence.
  • +5 using political capital to acquire an Incubus artifact cache from Ardoheim, in Conference Chamber during war aftermath. (Only available with not-too-high collateral damage across the continent, sufficiently low IKD morale, and sufficiently high continental acceptance.)
  • +3 sending military forces to police human bandits on Yhilin's southern border. (Only requested with high instability across the continent.)
  • +2 investing in Chalice States trade.
  • Unmissable +5 from chapter 4 start.
  • +2 conversation at sparkle in southwest Twisted Glen in Chapter 4.
  • +2 funding Givini war monument.
  • +2 investing in Lustlord Temples expansion.
  • +2 if at the endpoint sparkle in Zirantian Tower Foundation, Riala says "This sort of ritual isn't difficult for me, and things have gone extremely smoothly."
  • +5 talking with the entity after the deep tower maze.

Maximum legit value: 100 (+6 leeway).

Affection titles Edit

  • 0 Succubus Dowager
  • 70 Succubus Matron
  • 90 Succubus Lady
  • 100 Succubus Beloved

Scenes Edit

  • Riala Prologue - After losing to Riala, she takes Simon to bed... and he takes himself out the window. Unmissable.
  • Restoring Riala - In order to save Riala from the domination of The Incubus King Simon puts what he's learned about succubi to use. Unmissable.
  • Meeting Iris - Iris meets the newly saved Riala and the Doom King, and is convinced to flip sides. Unmissable.
  • Sending A Message - The Doom King needs to send a message, and Iris and Riala gladly volunteer to help their new master. Unmissable.


  • Relaxing - At 50 affection and above.
  • Dreaming - At 75 affection and above.
  • Power - At 100 affection and above.

Special Notes Edit

  • Takes over from Robin as the research specialist of the group in Chapter 4.

References Edit

  1. As with other succubi, the second number in parentheses in the Age field indicates the human age equivalent.
  2. Among other things, she has an extraordinary longevity. This is a plot point, that only will be explained at the very end of chapter 3.
  3. For better or worse, that remains to be seen.
  4. From the mouth of the already mentioned Iris.
  5. She has the improved version, not the classic one.

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