Robin is Simon's adopted daughter who studies to be a theoretical mage, summarizing it in saying that she doesn't throw many fireballs, she designs better ones. She has conflicting emotions regarding her father's situation but it doesn't take her long to accept it and adapt to the new situation.


A young student in Thaumaturgical Academy, Robin was adopted by Simon as an orphan[3] under circumstances not yet revealed, at "elementary school age", years after Wendis's death.[4]

Robin is a very reflective and private person that doesn't give her opinion if she is not sure, she has the potential to be a great mage both in theoretical and real-life situations, if she can defeat her own insecurities. Even after embracing a life of adventure and risk, she is always interested in the investigation and theoretical aspects of magic.

So it's not only natural but logical that Simon trust his daughter when there are delicate matters, such as the investigation on Trin's powers or the management of the old armor. In any case, Simon is not the only that seems to appreciate her talents. Not only she is well considered by her teachers and peers in the academy, but Riala, a competent and well educated mage on her own right, also shows her admiration and offers her a tutorship.[5]

Robin starts off sharing a room at the academy with four other students:

  1. Mherin - the world's least grateful rescued noble.
  2. Rachila - the stuck up new money tycoon's daughter.
  3. Infasis - token slutty schoolgirl.
  4. Sho - ultra shy friend type.

Interactions with her schoolmates will likely happen in a future update, if at all.[6]

Joining partyEdit

In Stineford, you have to talk to Megail about partnership and then go to sleep. After Simon departs on an unspecified errand, Robin arrives and has a funny conversation with Yarra, Aka and Qum. After Robin left, visit her at the Academy. She will join you at the start of the Simon's Daughter quest.


Special name Cost Description Level
Way to acquire
Fire 10 MP A burst of magical fire.
(Causes fire damage to an opponent)
Starting skill
Heal 5 MP A cool wave of healing.
(Heals HP, usable outside of battle)
Ice 10 MP A burst of magical ice.
(Causes ice damage to an opponent)
Cure 5 MP Heals status effects.
(Cures a variety of status effects, usable outside of battle.)
Lightning 10 MP A burst of magical lightning.
(Causes lightning damage to an opponent)
Fire Lance 25 MP Piercing magical fire.
(Causes strong fire damage to an opponent, ignores more defense)
Ice Lance 25 MP Piercing magical ice.
(Causes strong ice damage to an opponent, ignores more defense)
Lightning Lance 25 MP Piercing magical lightning.
(Causes strong lightning damage to an opponent, ignores more defense)
Disrupt 25 MP Attempts to inflict a large number of status effects on an enemy. {Qum Synergy}

(Causes Silence, Confusion, Sleep, and Paralyze.)


Synergy skills can be used in battle only if both Robin and the specified character are present in the active party.

Starting equipmentEdit

Weapon: Wand.

Off-hand: Magic Textbook.

Headgear: None.

Bodygear: Cotton Robes.

Accessory: Magic Ring.


Robin is a strong wizard type. Although she has some capabilities as a healer, she lacks any offensive or support AoE spells, limiting her usefulness in battles with a large number of enemies. She has a larger reserve of Mana than Qum does and her healing spells cost half of Qum's, so she is a more efficient choice for out-of-battle healing.

Relationship pointsEdit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

Not much offends Robin, but her close starting relationship with Simon means that it's hard to raise her affection as well. Her only two point losses suggest she may have issues with her father bedding random women.

Base value: 80.

  • -2 for sleeping with a brothel prostitute IF Robin is in the party.
  • -1 for sleeping with noble prostitute IF Robin is in the party.
  • +2[8] for acquiring her potion license.
  • Unmissable +1 from the start of chapter 2, OR +2 IF you had her do conduct research.
  • Unmissable +1 for reuniting after Simon's route.
  • +1 for talking to Aka at Janine's retreat IF you got the cure component during Simon's route.
  • Unmissable +1 from the start of chapter 3.
  • +2 for having Robin's evaluation "Despite the cost, I feel as though what we accomplished was worth it." IF success outweighs losses in the Battle of Yhilin.
  • Unmissable +5 for discussing her feelings, in Yhilin palace tunnels.
  • Unmissable +3 for telling her Simon's decision, in Yhilin palace tunnels.
  • Unmissable +1 for talking to her in the King's bedroom.
  • +1 for talking to her in Eustrin's royal chambers.

Maximum legit value: 99.

Affection titlesEdit

  • 0 Daughter
  • 95 Loving Daughter
  • 100 Eternal Daughter

Special notesEdit

  • She can use both the Shining Sceptre and Shining Robes (if you got them at the Prologue).
  • She is the major research specialist of the group, so you should use her talents when you have an adequate location and time to do so.


  • Robin Interruption - Yarra tricks Robin into seeing sexual activity in her father's tent. Unmissable, in Devil's Pass.
  • Robin First Time - Simon introduces his daughter to cunnilingus, and then sex. Unmissable, in Yhilin after Zirantia.
  • "Hug" on demand:
    • Blowjob - No requirements.
    • Seated - Robin sits on her father's lap, and cock. At 90 affection and above.
    • Hug - At 100 affection.

References Edit

  1. Robin objected to this one, because it sounds like a term for Simon's penis.
  2. Is having sex with Simon, but they decided to keep it secret for now.
  3. Letter from Robin in Simon's house, first visit to Feroholm.
  4. Blog comment thread.
  5. Conversation during the stay of the group in the Abandoned Fortress in Arclent.
  6. Sierra has stated that you *may* get to humble Mherin later.
  7. After returning from Eustrin.
  8. Prior to the 0.18.x release it was higher: +5

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