This page is a WIP guide for running TLS on Linux (and possibly Mac) systems using Wine. If there are any errors, problems, or other issues while trying to get TLS to run, please inform me, Dmitry106, so that I may fix it and add to this guide.

Installing Wine Edit

Wine is not a standard part of most Linux distributions, so you probably have to install it first. This will require using your system's package manager, and each family of distributions has its own one. There are various graphical front-ends for those package managers, but it's much easier to explain (or copy-paste) using the command line. So, you have to open a terminal to enter the commands specified below.

Debian-based distros (including Ubuntu) Edit

Consider looking at Debian's guide to Wine, though that's not usually necessary.

Run this command:

sudo apt install wine wine32 wine64 libwine libwine:i386 fonts-wine winetricks

Fedora Edit

Consider heavily looking at Wine's guide to Fedora.

You have to add Wine's repository first, which depends on the Fedora version. For 27, this is:

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

After that, install Wine with:

sudo dnf install winehq-stable
sudo dnf install winetricks

Arch Edit


sudo pacman -S wine winetricks

Mac Edit

Not terribly familiar with Mac, and therefore this guide will have to stand in for now. Theoretically it should work just the same.

Installing the game Edit


Luckily for us, the installer should be able to see our filesystem.

navigate to the installer in your terminal using cd, and run:

wine TLS\ 0.33.4\ RTP.exe

replacing the name of the file with the name of the installer you downloaded, and 0.33.4 with whatever game version number you are using. (Use tab completion!)

Upon running above command, you should have an extraction window, push ". . ." to navigate to a folder you want it to extract TLS into and push "OK."

Running the game Edit

After running the installer, you should be able to navigate using cd to the folder you extracted the game into.

To run the game, simply run the command:

wine game.exe

The game should execute without issues.

Known issues Edit

Using the F6 function to resize the window is inconsistent depending on display environment. Try moving the window if it graphically glitches to see if it fixes it. Otherwise, just play on a smaller setting.

Full screen play: Alt-Enter behaves very weirdly on Linux, resulting in a stretched game that is unplayable on a monitor without 4:3 aspect ratio. F5 results in graphical glitches and an invisible screen. Try running all the modes to see if anything works to your liking, but I do not recommend trying to run it in full screen at all considering the state of Linux at this time.