A mysterious woman in the harem of the Fucklord. She is present at the Gathering but is too grumpy to talk to Yarra and company. Qum attempts to guess her race, but she denies being any known race with pointy ears and tells the "mammals" to leave her alone, indicating that she may not be a mammal. The party does not even learn her name at this time.

Another harem member says that the Fucklord acquired her after some manner of great battle, that she's not friendly with the rest of them, and that the Fucklord seems to view her as some kind of trophy.

She can also be seen in the prologue montage, bathing with the Fucklord and being asked to fellate him.

Later, she appears with the Fucklord in what presumably is the Demon Realm, where he's trying to find more of her kind to enslave. As she doesn't imply that she's a mortal that fell into the Demon Realm, that would presumably make her a natural resident, a demon.

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