A shy, introverted girl first introduced as one of Robin's roommates, who seem to represent various classical schoolgirl archetypes, during the group's first visit to Stineford.

Story Edit

Robin meets her again, when she goes to the Thaumaturgical Academy to coordinate the Doom King's efforts to protect the region with Orcent. Since their first conversation, it's evident that she has grown up and only the lack of attractive options keeps her in the Academy. When it is time for Robin to go, she shows her courage by taking the valiant decision to go with Robin and Dargai to help in the war effort. It's remains to be seen what will happen to her, but it has been already confirmed that she won't be a full time party member.


Special name Cost Description Level
Way to acquire
Fire 10 MP A burst of magical fire.
(Causes fire damage to an opponent)
Starting skill
Heal 5 MP A cool wave of healing.
(Heals HP, usable outside of battle)
Starting skill
Ice 10 MP A burst of magical ice.
(Causes ice damage to an opponent)
Starting skill
Cure 5 MP Heals status effects.
(Cures a variety of status effects, usable outside of battle.)
Starting skill
Lightning 10 MP A burst of magical lightning.
(Causes lightning damage to an opponent)
Starting skill

Starting equipmentEdit

Weapon: Rod.

Off-hand: Magic Textbook.

Headgear: None.

Bodygear: Cotton Robes.

Accessory: None.


Sho is pretty weak, especially against the enemies you fight (to be fair is out of her class, seeing that she is a level 10s, when the party is at 30-40s). She only has basic mage spells and her health pool is not great, making her not useless in combat, but she's going to be knocked unconscious a lot. Thankfully, Simon's Support Slaves/Servants/Allies can bring her back so she can do a little bit of healing or damage before getting knocked out again. The only reason to keep her awake in combat is for her to soak up hits that might be targeted at Robin instead.

Don't forget that you can equip her with some gear that can enhance her usefulness.

References Edit

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