You should be groveling before me, wretched human!
— "The Mother"

A being who claims to be the Mother, the goddess worshiped by the elves on Arclent, confronts Simon in the Forest of the First Root, delivering a shock to his religious views, and perhaps an even greater one to Carina's.

Whoever she is, she appears to be a rather angry and contemptuous person who is fiercely protective of her "children" and deems even uncorrupted humans unworthy of them.

Story Edit

She appears to Simon in a brief flash when the party is advancing in the Forest of the First Root, trying to protect the Elven kingdoms from the seed of corruption dropped on them by the forces of the Incubus King. She is very unhappy with Simon's presence there and the fact that he has been embracing "her children", but she fails to destroy him and regretfully allows him to continue his current task. To everyone else, the whole conversation appears as a momentous touch of "holy power".

After returning to their elf ally's headquarter, Simon describes his experience to the party. The discussion causes the succubi to salivate over the possibility of "getting" a goddess, but Carina's faith in Ivala is somewhat shaken, as she has unquestionably felt a different divine power.