• Any comments? :)

    Is there a way to put better links in the header?

    Also, the header image probably has to be larger now.

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    • God this new skin is so disorienting, I hate having to get used to new set ups, finding things will be a pain for awhile now.

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    • I'm fairly neutral on it. It seems easier to get to the changelog now, but slightly more annoying to find the image upload page.

      It looks like the new header would fit a slightly larger image, but we don't necessarily need one.

      I will say that now that the namespace is prominently displayed ("TheLastSovereign Wikia") we should have it changed to something that looks better, like "The Last Sovereign wiki". This requires Wikia staff action though, so we should discuss it first.

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    • Is there a way to change the main page's title from "Home" to something like "Welcome to the Last Sovereign Wiki!"? I tried DISPLAYTITLE and it didn't work.

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    • MailleKerchief wrote: Is there a way to change the main page's title from "Home" to something like "Welcome to the Last Sovereign Wiki!"? I tried DISPLAYTITLE and it didn't work.

      I got in contact with Wikia support - apparently Wikia staff can do this, but not admins of individual wikis. Because that makes sense. Unless we come to an overwhelming consensus on what to make it say instead, it may be better to see if we can change it with CSS.

      edit: To be clear, it doesn't bother me all that much, so I'm probably not going to be the one to figure that out.

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    • OOT - Looking at this wiki after such a long time, I am 100% satisfied with giving lostone the admin priviledges. Also, thank you Decanter for helping him out with a lot stuff. It makes me feel like it was a good idea to begin this wiki. Omega good job.

      I like what you did with the place, it looks much better and neater than what I did at the start.

      Changing "Home" to something else is easy with Media Wiki, but not too easy with normal wiki. I have tried to look for some other features a long time ago (pulling things from a database for items for example), but I would need the Media Wiki extensions.

      As for wikias new doesnt bother me too much. I get to find stuff after a bit of clicking, so I do not mind it. I think it is more fresh than the previous one

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    • I see that the home page has been changed from from to - either a redirect should be added, or if everyone is pretty sure it isn't going to change again any time soon, Sierra should probably be contacted so she can change the link on her site to the new page.

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    • A redirect seems like a good idea anyway; added, and added one for Home for good measure. I'm not sure why it wasn't done by the Wikia staff member who moved the page.

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    • Is there some option to add a mechanism for purging MW's page cache? Previously that could be done by clicking on the clock, but the recent changes wiped it. Now I have to purge pages manually by manipulating the URL. (And purging is necessary because if I visit a page before logging in, MW serves me the same unlogged-in page even after I log in.)

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    • If I correctly understand what you're looking for, you can restore the "click the clock" thing by modifying your CSS. See here.

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    • A FANDOM user
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