Tyna is the daughter of the youngest sister of King Alonon of Ardoheim. After her death, Tyna was adopted by Alonon, though she does not seem to be his heir[1], since the king's advisors remain concerned that he has fathered no children. Tyna describes Alonon as a "kind but distant" father.[2]

Tyna believes that no one values her for her work, and that no one credits her with having earned anything. Simon is quick to compliment her competence in response.[2] She is pleased to meet Vhala, expressing a desire to strengthen her contacts with the military orders.[3]

Tyna has a minor advisory role in the Ardford summit and the player can consult her for hints on how upcoming votes will go if not manipulated by the player.

She also gives one of the unrequired leads in the Unhuman investigation, and afterward she presents the case against a heretical slaver cult in a royal trial, a duty which would traditionally fall to the king.

When pressed by Yarra, Simon says he isn't especially interested in Tyna as a woman, and that his feelings toward her are "fatherly" if anything.[2]

References Edit

  1. SierraLee says there are other members of the Royal Family still living, who are descended from Alonon's other siblings who were older than Tyna's mother (6/11/2017 Patreon Update, Comment chain 6)
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