• Sotter

    (The Last Day)

    Esthera: Within a few months, all my hidden agents should be aware that you're an ally now.

    Esthera: ..and I believe that's all.

    Simon: Yes, I can't think of any other matters to discuss.

    Esthera: There is one thing. Take this bolt of cloth.

    (Received Shadowweave Cloth.)

    Esthera: It's an extremely valuable magical cloth. Your mages should be familiar with it.

    Esthera: I wanted to give you some new clothes, but I realized it might be better if you didn't have anything that could be traced to me.

    Esthera: This cloth can either resonate with your power or cloak it, depending on the circumstances. I'm sure you'll put it to work.

    Simon: That does sound useful. Thank you.

    Esthera: ...

    Simon: ...

    Esthera: To be honest, I probably should have l…

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