(The Last Day)

Esthera: Within a few months, all my hidden agents should be aware that you're an ally now.

Esthera: ..and I believe that's all.

Simon: Yes, I can't think of any other matters to discuss.

Esthera: There is one thing. Take this bolt of cloth.

(Received Shadowweave Cloth.)

Esthera: It's an extremely valuable magical cloth. Your mages should be familiar with it.

Esthera: I wanted to give you some new clothes, but I realized it might be better if you didn't have anything that could be traced to me.

Esthera: This cloth can either resonate with your power or cloak it, depending on the circumstances. I'm sure you'll put it to work.

Simon: That does sound useful. Thank you.

Esthera: ...

Simon: ...

Esthera: To be honest, I probably should have let you go some time ago. It's just that I've enjoyed having you here. Esthera: Really... you have no idea how much. I... no, I'll say it later.

Esthera: Not to mention how you've made the office staff so... happy.

Esthera: And I can't believe how much Nalili has changed in such a short time!

Esthera: You've... done a lot for me. Thank you.

Simon: I've enjoyed my time here, Esthera.

Esthera: But all good things come to an end. It's time for you to go back to those who love you.

Simon: Yes. I hope everything has gone well with them.

Esthera: I... may have teased them a little at the Gathering. They could use some reassurance.

Esthera: But they should be quite desperate for you. Enjoy it.

Simon: What will you do here?

Esthera: Carry on ruling the Empire. Prepare for a potential upset among the Incubus Kings. I'll tell you when it's time for us to act.

Simon: ...

Esthera: Once, you asked what I wanted, and I didn't answer. Esthera: I'll answer now. I'm weary of this life and exhausted by the status quo. Now that my daughter is in safe hands...

Esthera: I want it to be over. All of it.

Esthera: But I can't stomach the thought of any of those assholes defeating me, or my shard being taken, so I have to keep going.

Simon: ...

Esthera: I think I'd like to go while coming my brains out, though. Just... slip away into the ecstasy.

Esthera: Maybe one day someone will come who I wouldn't mind. Who could show me one last good time before I go.

Simon: I don't think it has to be that way. There are other ways to resolve this, and you have other options.

Esthera: I don't, Simon. It's too late for me to change what I am.

Simon: ...then please let me try to prove you wrong.

Esthera: ...

Esthera: Become strong, Simon. Maybe one day we'll meet again and we can say goodbye for the last time.

Simon: ...until then, Esthera.