A former bandit and smuggler, she's targeted due to her actions being inconvenient to Simon's plans. Ironically, her extraordinary luck causes her nothing but despair.

Story Edit

Varia is first encountered in Chapter 1, where she lays a trap for unwary travelers. Simon sees through it and leads an ambush back on her gang, with her as the only survivor bemoaning her survival. She retaliates with an explosive, sending Simon into the nearby river, separating Simon from Aka and Tal.

Later in Chapter 2, at the narrow pass after another attempted ambush by her and her new gang, we learn a bit more about Varia. She is from Thenours, a small town in western Ghenalon and she had a happy childhood until the death of her parents.[2]

Since then, her life entered in a downward spiral. Even then, she was incredible lucky.[3] It's unclear if there is a magic connection[4] or if her luck is tied to the bad luck that she brings to the people around her.

The group targets her both for public safety reasons and for her cache of explosives. In her lair, we learn that the explosives were made in Thenours, which suggests she is not an expert in their creation, but only in their handling. The group's arrival coincides with an internal crisis in her bandit gang.[5]

The decision that Simon makes in their confrontation will inevitably change her. The majority of your party have opinions about his decision that will affect their relationship with Simon.

Based on your choices when you recruit her, she has two different paths, which result in somewhat different dialogue, sex scenes, skill sets and gear that she can use. The game play difference is not large, but the ethics are different, as are the reactions of many characters.

Skills Edit

Some of her skills depends of Simon's choice regarding her future.

Special name Cost Description Level
Way to acquire
Powerful Blow 20 MP Strike with full strength.
(A powerful hit that can induce the Confusion state on the target.)
Starting skill Reshaped
Crippling Stab 5 MP Massively slows an opponent.
(Lowers AGI of one opponent.)
Starting skill Dominated
Encourage 10 MP Raises an ally's physical abilities.
(Increases ATK and DEF of a party member.)
Starting skill Reshaped
Forceful Lunge 10 MP Hits where it hurts.
(A powerful strike.)
Starting skill Dominated
Wild Blow 15 MP A desperate attack that could gouge deep or glance off. Starting skill Both
Frenzy 10 MP Abandons defense to begin an all-out assault.
(Adds Frenzy status.)
Starting skill Both
Furious Strikes 20% of Max HP, 20 MP Expends life to unleash a flurry of three random attacks.


Starting skill Both
Blood Strike 10% of Max HP, 10 MP A powerful blow fueled by the user's life. 25 Both
Blade Dance 33% of Max HP, 50 MP Unleashes a flurry of attacks 28 Both
Servant's Frenzy 25 MP Overwhelming energy improves offense and health.
(Adds Servant Frenzy status.)
32 Reshaped
Slave's Frenzy 25 MP Begins a vicious assault without abandoning defense.
(Adds Slave Frenzy status.)
32 Dominated
Earth Bomb 100 MP A devastating explosion of magical rock.
{Altina Synergy}
Headquarters Courtyard[7] Both

Starting equipment Edit

You can't buy any better equipment that her starting gear after you recruit her and before she goes to Aram, so you should buy it (or at least not selling it) before you enter the Delgar Forest.

Weapon: Iron Sword.[8]

Off-hand: Iron Claw.[8]

Headgear: Iron Helm.

Bodygear: Iron Armor.

Accessory: Headband.

Tactics Edit

Her skills favor to use her as a hitter (but you should have a healer nearby, since some of them cause her some damage). Where Aka relies on critting people's faces off, Varia relies on high offensive power from weapons combined with her own moderate ATK growth and attacks that hit multiple times for damage. Furious Strikes is one of her best attacks in theory - three attacks, each with a chance to crit- but it's possible to only get a single hit from this skill, since attacks can be wasted on dead targets. Frenzy is a 20% self-buff and stacks with other general ATK buffs (like Qum's Arousing Aura or her own Encourage). She gets an upgraded version that either removes the DEF penalty (Slave's Frenzy) or grants HP regeneration (Servant's Frenzy) depending on whether she was dominated or reshaped.

Varia gets a considerable increase in power at level 28, when she learns the ludicrously powerful Blade Dance. Combined with Frenzy or Arousing Aura and top-quality equipment, Blade Dance does 1,000~ damage per strike and hit 4~ times, each with a chance to crit.

Since dominated-Varia can use Sexual accessories, she can make a great use of a Slave's Pin (as of 0.18.x versions, reshaped-Varia can't use succubus accessories[11]) that grants immunity to silence and blindness, which allows to always be able to strike and use her skills.

Conversely, reshaped-Varia on the other hand can use Physical Anti-Sex weapons and Anti-Sex Armor, allowing her to make use of the Crusader Sword. This turns her normal attack and all her skills Anti-Sex in nature.

Relationship points Edit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

The reshaped personality is more human. By contrast, her dominated personality is subservient and robotic.

Reshaped Edit

Base value: 35.

  • -5 allowing the bandits to have their way with her.
  • +3 conversation on Dark Ruin 2F about being chained.
  • +5 doing well enough in battle to get the victory orgy scene with Orcent.
  • +5 talking to her before any other harem girl when reuniting after Simon's route.
  • Unmissable +5 from Reunion Orgy.
  • +3 voting NO to war with the Incubus King, OR -2 voting YES.
  • +1 War Vaults opened.
  • +5 getting all 4 Ardford threesome scenes and thus the Ardford Orgy scene.
  • +3 telling Nalili "Train with Varia", OR +1 telling Nalili "Train with Varia" after "Train with me".
  • Unmissable +5 from chapter 3 start.
  • +5 if Battle of Yhilin chaos "remarkably contained", OR +4 "ugly, but the situation isn't unworkable.", OR +3 Merchant Quarter shutdown and "ugly, but the situation isn't unworkable.", OR +1 Merchant Quarter shutdown and "It will take time for every layer of society to recover.", OR -1 Merchant Quarter shutdown and "It will take a great deal of time for every layer of society to recover."
  • +5 threesome with Aka if Simon saved Varia, OR +3 threesome if he hasn't.
  • +5 spike chamber in Ordeal of the Claw.
  • +2 for at least 15 Zirantia investigation score.
  • +5 Varia in Chains sex scene (in unused cell after receiving the succubus refugees).
  • +5 acquiring Eustrin steel for Varia's unique weapons.
  • +5 forging her unique weapons using restored Givini smithing.

Maximum legit value: 100 (+2 leeway).

Dominated Edit

Base value: 20.

  • +20 allowing the bandits to have their way with her (she accepts domination better if traumatized).
  • +5 doing well enough in battle to get the victory orgy scene with Orcent.
  • +5 talking to her before any other harem girl when reuniting after Simon's route.
  • Unmissable +2 from Reunion Orgy.
  • +1 War Vaults opened.
  • +2 getting all 4 Ardford threesome scenes and thus the Ardford Orgy scene.
  • -3 telling Nalili "Train with Varia", OR -2 telling Nalili "Train with Varia" after "Train with me".
  • Unmissable +5 from chapter 3 start.
  • +5 if Battle of Yhilin "victory was crushing", OR +3 "sound victory", OR +1 "decent victory".
  • +10 threesome with Aka.
  • +5 examining Doom King statue in Ari-Yhilina Square (if built).
  • Unmissable +5 waking up in Royal Palace of Zirantia after Simon leaves.
  • +15 spike chamber in Ordeal of the Claw.
  • +10 talking to her in king's bedroom after Zirantia.
  • +5 acquiring Eustrin steel for Varia's unique weapons.
  • +5 making her unique weapons.

Maximum legit value: 100 (+20 leeway).

Affection titles Edit


  • 0 Hollow Shell
  • 33 Living Shadow
  • 66 Remade Woman
  • 100 Whole


  • 0 Useless Slave
  • 33 Useful Hole
  • 66 Fuckdoll
  • 100 Perfect Slave

Special notes Edit

  • She is the second party member, after Aka, that is capable of dual-wielding two weapons.
  • Your choice when you take her shape her personality and changes her ultimate skill. The Reshaped version has a smiling faceset and slightly more HP and the Dominated has a more grimm expression and slightly lower HP.
  • Reshaped-Varia and Dominated-Varia also have different dialogue. Reshaped-Varia is more "human" - she will do things like express a favorite color (violet[12]). Dominated-Varia is more observant and attentive.

Scenes Edit

  • Varia Gangbang - With her strength faltering, consumed by self-hatred, Varia surrenders her body to the bandits' lust. Allow the gang's revenge.
  • Aka + Varia - Aka and Varia work out their issues by having a threesome with Simon. Very different depending on which Varia variant you have. Talk to Varia in the Yhilin Palace royal chambers, after your return from elven kingdoms.
  • Fuckety Fuck - Like almost everything involving Qum, burning off the effects of the Qum Bomb is a whole lot of fun. The part with Qum and Varia is different depending on the Varia variant. Requires approving Qum's research after visiting Zirantia.


  • Varia Dominated - Dominate Varia after the fight.
  • Blowjob Distraction - In Megail's route, take the bounty about bandits who are stealing. Chase down the target in the northwestern desert, then accept Varia's offer.


  • Varia Reshaped - Reshape Varia after the fight.
  • Varia in Chains - Her desire to get chained up becomes realized. After a certain character escapes, interact with the sparkle in that character's former cell.

Her on-demand scenes also depend on personality variant:

  • Doggy - Her master pushes her against a tree to lift her leg up and take her from behind. Dominated Varia, any affection.
  • Cowgirl - She bounces on her master's cock as he reclines. Dominated Varia, 100 affection.
  • Blowjob - Varia uses her breasts and her mouth on Simon to soothe the hurt she feels inside. Reshaped Varia, any affection.
  • Seated - Varia straddles Simon's lap and bounces on his cock. Reshaped Varia, 100 affection.

References Edit

  1. 20 if Simon is under level 22, 21 if he's 22 or 23, 22 if he's 24 or higher.
  2. "Someone burned down our house. I was the only one who survived."
  3. Mechanically represented by having the party's highest Luck stat.
  4. She has confered with mages on the subject and they say there isn't
  5. The party remarks on how small their loot cache is, and one member of her band snaps out to her: "You think that you can just flaunt those tits without consequences?"
  6. The targets are determined at the moment the skill is activated. It's possible that two or even all three strikes are aimed at the same target. In that case, if a strike kills the target, the next one(s) will be lost. (Confirmed by Sierra Lee.)
  7. It requires a combined affection of Varia and Altina equal or greater to 200. It has four dialogue variants in function of their versions.
  8. 8.0 8.1 She can use swords or claws in both hands.
  9. Only dominated-Varia can use these.
  10. Only reshaped-Varia can use these.
  11. Source.
  12. Megail's route, campfire scene before Eustrin.

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