Vhala is an Unwoman, an acquaintance of High Priestess Sarai who leads a battalion of the Holy Knights of Ardoheim. Although her kind is feared by most, she personally seems to be respected and even liked by the people.

When questioned by Aka, she claims that her transformation into an Unwoman was her choice and she's never regretted it. She doesn't forgive those that forced others to be changed against their wishes, though.

Despite Unpeople being an invention of the Desecrationist faction, in conversations Vhala initially hints[3] and later outright states that her personal views are Consecrationist. She also admits some acceptance of Sarai's "Subsecrationist ways". Nevertheless, as Sarai herself put it:

She... well, I can't say you can trust her, but you CAN trust her to try to do what's right regardless of Church doctrine.
— Sarai


The party is urged to contact her by Sarai, to learn more about an upcoming proposal at the Arclent Summit for the full mobilization of the Unmen and Unwomen, which will be defended by High Priestess Hester, due to the influence of Andra and the Desecrationist faction. In Ardford, the group tries to reach out to her and learn her opinion of the Church's plans, but they are unceremoniously dismissed. When you retire to your rooms, she will follow you there and after a very tense situation she will learn Simon's secret.


Her starting unskills are her only ones (in her second round with the group she gains a new one: Arrow of Abstinence).

Special name Cost Description
Targeted Shot 5 MP Accurate strike that pierces the enemy.
Arrow of Purity 10 MP An arrow designed to pierce sexual magic.
Triple Shot 15 MP Fires three arrows at once.
Blinding Rain 25 MP Releases a hail of arrows that blinds.
A AoE skill that deals low damage to all opponents, with a probability of blinding them.
Offensive Rain 25 MP Releases a hail of arrows that weaken the enemy's defensive capabilities.
A AoE skill that deals low damage to all opponents and lowers their DEF and MDF.
Defensive Rain 25 SP Releases a hail of arrows that weaken the enemy's ofensive capabilities.
A AoE skill that deals low damage to all opponents and lowers their ATK and MAG.
Unperson Aura 10 MP Extends the power to shield the party from sexual attacks and statuses.
It also provokes Sexbind in all the succubi that are present in the active party.
Arrow of Abstinence 25 MP An arrow designed to destroy sexual magic.

Starting equipmentEdit

As Vhala is just a temporary party member, with her own life outside of Simon's group you can't remove her equipment until the Third War of Arclent is very advanced.

Weapon: Unbow.

Off-hand: Archer's Gloves.

Headgear: Ardan Helm.

Bodygear: Ardan Plate.

Accessory: Warrior's Pin.


Relationship pointsEdit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

Base value: unestablished.

  • +2 for responding to Vhala's initial brush-off with "because of the Unmen petition", OR +1 for "Sarai relationship" or "nothing", OR -1 for "argue for more time".
  • +1 for defeating New Unpeople motion.
  • +1 for having reshaped Varia, OR -1 for having dominated Varia.
  • +2 for finding at least 5 clues in the Unpeople investigation quest, OR +1 for at least 3.
  • +1 personally defeating all (1 or 2) seeds launched at Ardoheim, OR -1 defeating none.
  • +1 low IKD morale upon reaching Conference Chamber in the war aftermath.
  • +1 low instability across the continent upon reaching Conference Chamber in the war aftermath. (Iris must not say you had "trouble pulling our resources together due to all the instability.")
  • +1 low collateral damage across the continent upon reaching Conference Chamber in the war aftermath. (No definite telltale for achieving this, unfortunately, but Sarai's presence indicates failure.)

Maximum legit value: 10?

Affection titlesEdit

None yet.


None yet.

Special notesEdit

  • Vhala has intrinsic immunity to Sex element damage and healing (so her collaboartion with succubi is pretty limited), and takes half healing from Orc Potion instead of the usual zero.
  • In one of the optional branches of the Ardoheim front, we learn that her favorite color is white.


  1. She doesn't remember exactly anymore.
  2. And joining is very, very unlikely to happen.
  3. Vhala, confronting the party in the Ardford castle: "Of course he's a bad person. But all of us are, before we're purified. I'm not Ivala, I cannot say that any soul is beyond purification."

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