Simon's first and only wife, who died after the official (but not unofficial) end of the war with the Incubus King, during a campaign to drive him out of Zirantia, before there were Chosen and years before Robin's adoption.[1] Simon loved her very much, and felt that she helped lighten the emotional burden of having ended lives[2] and helped him be less cautious when needed. For reasons unrevealed, Simon considers himself responsible for Wendis's death, and the deaths of thousands of others to prevail in the relevant battle.[3]

Despite being agnostic, Wendis was one of relatively few theoretical divine mages (as opposed to an arcane mage like Robin), and was critical to the development of many spells used against the Incubus King's forces during his invasion of Arclent.[4]

Wendis loved sex very much,[5] and enjoyed partner-sharing.[6] She encouraged Simon to look at other women and consider whether they'd be fun to bed together, a mindset he had difficulty adopting for fear of jeopardizing his relationship.[7]

A painting of Wendis hangs in Simon's house, the back of which reads "I wanted it to be a nude portrait, but the painter was too embarrassed. We should get her alone later."


  • Wendis Dream - Simon dreams of a time when Wendis interrupted him during training for a blowjob. Unmissable in Western Delgar Forest, after first confrontation of Varia.

References Edit

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