Wynn is a notable halfling theoretical mage with a vast amount of arcane knowledge both theoretical and practical. Among other fields, she has dabbled in necromancy. Physically, she is shorter than the average for her race and likes to look younger than her real age.


Wynn and Simon had a relationship prior to the game[2][3], but she doesn't enter the story until she sends a warning to the party before they go to Zirantia. When the party meets her, things get off to a rocky start.

Wynn is... complex. The line between best friend and worst enemy is very thin with her.
— Simon

She is admittingly misanthropic believing that all but the most intelligent people of the world or those who have skills in other areas that can be utilized should be annihilated. The few people she showed any modicum of respect was to Wendis and Simon, to the point that she reserved that respect even after the former died. Her affection towards Wendis was such that she would even desecrate her tomb in order to perform necromancy on her corpse which has led to Simon becoming infuriated with her. Time will tell if Simon ever forgives her. However, she does claim she is not a psychopath, understanding morality and ethics and why they consider her views as "wrong", she simply disagrees with them.

Relationship pointsEdit

Maximum affection is 100, at which you can have a conversation with the harem girl that will lock her affection there.

Base value: 45.

  • +5 for meeting her IF Robin has been asked to research Essence Shielding.
  • +5 for freeing spirits in Incubus Ruins.
  • +5 for talking to her outside the entrance to the Zirantian Royal Palace.
  • +3 for having at least a Zirantia investigation score of 20, OR +2 for at least 10, OR +1 otherwise.
  • +5 for observing her conversation with Yarra in Ari-Yhilina Court.
  • +5 for talking to her in Ari-Yhilina Inn after your return from Eustrin.
  • +5 talking to Wynn in Premium Steel, while making dominated-Varia's unique weapons.
  • +5 if after the confrontation between Doom King and Incubus King Robin says "We did so well, prepared so much", OR +3 "We made things much better than they could have been", OR +1 "We did manage to help".
  • +5 talking to her in Simon's house in Feroholm about the painting of Wendis.
  • Unmissable +5 from Chapter 4 start.
  • +2 talking to Wynn in Givini Mage Guildhall.
  • +5 investing in Givini Mage Guild.
  • +5 funding ancient ruin excavation in New Givini.
  • +5 talking to her with zero anger, picking "Chat", and inducting her into the harem.

Maximum legit value: 100 (+5 leeway).

Simon's angerEdit

Wynn has a visible variable representing Simon's anger toward her. Lower is better.

Base value: 50.

  • -5 for checking her bed.
  • -5 for talking to her at the entrance of the zirantian palace.
  • -5 for finding the Ancient Glove in Incubus Ruins.
  • -5 for talking to her after receiving refugees IF saw conversation between her, Qum, and Robin prior.
  • -5 for completing the final Order trial.
  • Unmissable -10 as the Doom King prepares to confront the Incubus King.
  • Unmissable -5 from Chapter 4 start.
  • -5 by talking to her in New Givini Mage Guildhall.
  • -5 talking to Wynn by Wendis's tomb in Wynn's house in Chapter 4. (Required for eliminating all anger, no matter what.)

Minimum legit value: 0.

Affection titlesEdit

  • Anger >0 Necessary Ally
  • 0 Rekindled Flame
  • 75 Intense Flame
  • 100 Eternal Flame


Old lovers – After approximately twenty-five years two old lovers, joined but separated by the specter of the woman who they both loved, decide to restart their amorous relationship. Visit her at New Givini Magic Guild, speak with her at zero anger and induct her in the harem.

  • Binding - At 50 affection and above.
  • Halfling - At 75 affection and above.


  1. Legally she's Zirantian now. Originally she comes from one of the northwestern kingdoms destroyed in the war.
  2. That relationship also involved Wendis.
  3. For those curious she is with all probability the third party mentioned in this comment.

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